Myths that Blind : The Big Lie & The Sugary Coated Internet Freedom Act

“Companies who are anti net neutrality Love Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Blackburn Loves Their Big Money. The reintroduction of her “Internet Freedom Act” is nothing but a turd rolled in powdered sugar. I for one, will be pissed if I’m forced to eat poop because a willing majority decided to become passive poop eating zombies.” ~sophie

“Myths that Blind – The Big Lie” Christopher Rudy lays out some food for thought below.

 “Rep. Marsha Blackburn gets a lot of money from the companies trying to kill the open Internet, and she’s paid them back by introducing the so-called Internet Freedom Act, which would kill the FCC’s landmark Net Neutrality rules..
Do you see what’s going on?

The Big Lie of mainstream media “Belief System” (BS) called ‘news’ has been thoroughly ousted by a free and open Internet.

Now there is a feeding frenzy of corporatocracy lobbyists who are swarming like sharks around the ‘raw meat’ of new federal regulatory powers over the Internet. They want CONTROL, not a free and open Internet.  Their agenda is Internet CONTROL by covert means.

Are the matrix managers waiting for the right crisis to ram through their Internet Freedom Act?

The truth about this reality is the beginning of healing.

There is no healing of a sick condition until we get past denial of the problem. Normalcy bias may blind us temporarily, but Net reality has challenged all of us to wake up to collective evil called ‘normal’. That’s half the problem. The other half of the path to solution is a clear vision of it.

The Big Lie of ideological mind control through mainstream media “Belief System” (BS) has been thoroughly ousted by a free and open Internet. The path of truth for healing the vision of the blind-leading-the-blind is becoming self-evident to people worldwide.

Hitler was infamous for saying that the public would believe the Big Lie if it was big enough and bold enough and told enough.  It’s the same with the Whole Truth, but that causes disruption of status quo corruption. That’s why the Feds want to regulate the Internet.

The whole truth challenges moral cowards who would rather rationalize and justify surrender of core freedoms for government ‘security’ until we have neither freedom nor security.”

You can read the whole thing at:

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