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NEW BOOK: Bees: An Up-Close Look at Pollinators Around the World

 “In addition to exotic and pictorially erotic bee pictures we also peppered our small text paragraphs with super obscure bee facts, subliminal conservation messages, completely made up new sexy English names for all the bees, stories of ancestral bee researchers and plenty of disparaging remarks about ourselves…., because we are passionate and somewhat fanatical bee heads who want to share what we get to see every day. All the continents are covered with examples. ~Sam” 

The Farm That Literally Grows Furniture: FULL GROWN Ltd.

Imagine a forest where trees turn themselves into chairs, lamps, and mirror frames in a sustainable system that doesn’t leave a gaping hole in an old-growth forest, or a barren field after the trees have been harvested. Gavin Munro did, and then he made it a reality with his company Full Grown Ltd.” ~ modern farmer

                                   Quaker Inspired Chair
“After the furniture is harvested, Munro says the trees will again sprout new shoots and “continue to have a life,” and could be used again to grow more furniture.” ~ modern farmer

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