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The Illusion of Choice

The Illusion of Choice

There is an image out there called “The Illusion of Choice.” It shows how a tremendous number of products we buy, all go back to just 10 companies. Many of these companies, either through their subsidiaries, or through the giant parent companies support unethical and immoral practices. These practices can include using GMO products’ specifically fighting against letting us know that they are being used so we can make a free choice; unethical labor practices and marketing; misleading advertising and marketing campaigns; and financially supporting unethical and corrupt politicians who have not the interests of the people in their hearts, but their pocketbooks as the top priority.

The goal of this campaign is to give people a tool to assist in making the conscious choice to not support the 10 big companies that make money off us in every possible way, keep us hooked on their products, and unwittingly supporting their corruption. The goal is not to take down these companies through our action directly, but to give us the chance to be consciously and openly free of the idea that we supported these companies, or at least that we did everything we can to avoid it.

This campaign is not about noting how much effort companies are putting in to becoming more ethical, or whether they are not funding politicians and campaigns against organic, environmental practices, or GMO labelling, etc. It is simply intended as a way to avoid supporting the big companies which control so much of our society and our lives through their connections with other people and corporations if you wish to do so.

If you find a product from a company who is under the umbrella of one of these companies, and it is not on my list, it might be to do with Buycott. I selected these companies and all associated with them, but I can’t say if that catches every single one in all areas. Let me know and I will work to improve it or update it. Any comments or feedback are appreciated too

For more go to: https://www.buycott.com/campaign/793/illusion-of-choice


Wisdom Strength BeautyQ. What is truth?
A. Idea identical with being.
Q. What is reality?
A. Knowledge identical with being.
Q. What is reason?
A. The Word identical with being.
Q. What is justice?
A. The motive of acts identical with being.
Q. What is the absolute?