“Imagining 10 Dimensions- The Movie” By Rob Bryanton

Modern theories tell us that there are ten spatial, or “space-like” dimensions to our reality. My name is Rob Bryanton. With this project, I have developed a creative way to use a variation of what’s known as the “point-line-plane postulate” to visualize those ten dimensions, a concept that most would have thought impossible for the human mind to comprehend. How can we do this?

We start with a point.

Like the “point” we know from geometry, it has no size, no dimension. It’s just an imaginary idea that indicates a position in a system.

A second point, then, can be used to indicate a different position, but it, too, is of indeterminate size.

To create the first dimension, all we need is a line passing through any two points. A first dimensional object has length only, no width or depth. Continue reading “Imagining 10 Dimensions- The Movie” By Rob Bryanton